If you haven't read the main text in the middle column of this page, please do so, it's important!  Listed below are only a few of the many team positions available, more will be posted soon!  Feel free to inquire if you believe you have a skill we'll find useful... we're always happy to consider options!



The success of the SODALIS RPG depends on the talent and efforts of the entire development team.

It is our goal to produce the very best RPG game story and concept possible. We’re not looking for industry professionals… we’re looking for that person with talent and drive who wants to BE an industry professional.  It has often been said, “To be a writer, one must write.” We’ve found this is true with all aspects of creative endeavors.  For us, it translates as, “To be game designers, we must design games. Period.”  With a successful launch of SODALIS, we hope to expand and improve, allowing us to produce more projects in the future.

Team members who show dedication and true effort will share in the opportunities that lie ahead.

All team member positions REQUIRE a love of games, strong communication skills, and a mature attitude towards responsibilities. 

It's very important you consider carefully should you decide to apply for a position with the SODALIS RPG Development Team.  We'll be working under deadlines for various sections and stages of the project, and will require every team member to carry his weight.  We hope to make this process as fun and rewarding as possible, but we realize there will be frustrations.  Every member of the team will be hand-picked following a submission and interview process, with the ultimate goal of evolving a team that is productive and enjoys working together.  Our success depends upon this so please consider carefully!

Send all submissions to: 

Jonathan Jones

Location Design
Barbara Vest
Jonathan Jones

Games & Theory
Michael Hutchinson

Web Design
& Administration
Jonathan Jones