Spence Gale

Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



Solei Gale

Grand Marshal Malke

Captain Arec Vartanian




The world grows colder every day while its scattered people scrape a meager existence from an unforgiving land. 

Technology is forbidden, and magic is forgotten.

The Sodalis Legionnaires promise to wipe out the savage predators that prey on the weak and unify the world under their protection… and Spence wants to help them.

After a disastrous encounter with the beautiful and mysterious Orie, his hopes for a military life are dashed as he finds himself pursued by the very soldiers he planned to join.

Now Spence lives in a world turned upside down, where life is not only measured by blood and bone, but circuitry and metal… and its people blind to the one secret that will decide the fate of all… the sun is dying.

With time running out, new allies join Spence and Orie on a journey into the darkest depths of secrecy to the very edge of terrifying truth.  If life is to survive, Spence must find the strength to face the hidden enemy that threatens all who live. 

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