The Beastiary for SODALIS will be full of unique monsters and enemies.  Most of the Development Team members will be involved in their creation, but the public will be invited to submit ideas in the form of concept sketches or text descriptions. 

This gallery will showcase a few of the creatures encountered in the game (but not

Feel free to email comments or ideas, or post in our upcoming forums!  Remember, these are CONCEPT SKETCHES and do not necessarily reflect the final version of the creature.



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In the deep waters of
the Dawn Sea live many
creatures man has
never encountered.
(credit: Matthew S. Bugeja)


A denizen of Lower Promise and other swampy areas of TerraNovo, the Hornwort works hard to fill his belly with unsuspecting travelers.
(credit: Matthew S. Bugeja)


By far one of the most intelligent predators on TerraNovo, the Eyestalker uses planning and trickery to capture it's prey.... when that fails, even the most skilled of adventurers can fall to overwhelming numbers. 
(credit: Jonathan Jones)


Dark Opinari Sorcerers employ these constructs for their nefarious purposes.  In a world where magic is very rare, a shambling mound of stone can surprise!
(credit: Matthew S. Bugeja)

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