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Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



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Brenna is a young woman in her 30s, tough and sassy.  She is a capable hand to hand fighter, but favors a pair of ancient pistols she uncovered in her youth.  She takes herself and those around her seriously, but also enjoys her quiet chuckles, and hides her temper well… though when it flares, she makes the most of it.



Brenna Jax appears to be fairly social to the casual observer.  On closer inspection however, one finds that she shares nothing of herself, not even innocent items. She listens to everything and everyone, gathering information and filing it away for future use. Brenna is very loyal to those she chooses as her companions and extremely protective of anyone she considers her responsibility.  Her loyalty to her father (Savant Erion Jax) is complete, and she will actively defend him from even a hint of criticism.  She has a sharp, dry sense of humor and enjoys the confusion she generates in others when they can't decide if she's joking or not. Brenna keeps a tight rein on her impatience and her anger, but occasionally circumstances erode that control.  People have actually been known to run from her temper -- literally!  As she travels with Spence, she becomes more accustomed to him and begins to view him as a little brother… a brother she mercilessly teases one minute while covering his back the next.

Brenna is the untouchable secret leader of CRISIS, a rebel organization who’s primary mission seems to be ambushing Legionnaire caravans.  Her position in CRISIS  provides her a convenient vehicle to help her father uncover ancient bits of technology and information.  Occasionally, she manages to stumble upon vital information that helps fill in the massive gaps in the history of her world.  Only a very few people, including her father, Savant Erion Jax, know the true mission of CRISIS.

Like her father, Brenna is interested in forbidden technology.  She knows from experience that the world used to be a better place, and hopes to see changes for the better in her lifetime.  She believes completely in her father’s work, and seldom disobeys his directives. 

Brenna hides a secret pain… her lost companion, Carter, who left on an important task five years ago.  She welcomes the chance to accompany Spence on his mission, in the hopes of finding her only true love.