Spence Gale

Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



Solei Gale

Grand Marshal Malke

Captain Arec Vartanian






Spence is a young man with a dream.  After losing both parents and his little sister at the age of 13, he struck out to fend for himself, traveling the region around his abandoned home.  In 5 long years, he’s learned to live by his wits, to feed himself off the land, and provide for his needs occasionally through the picked pockets of those more fortunate than he is. 

Spence has lived his lonely life believing in better days… while looking toward his dream of joining the Sodalis Legionnaires. 

The Legionnaires represent order, they represent security.  No more hungry nights, no more hunting for shelter… no more struggling alone.  Spence has long dreamed of a chance to make a difference in this world, and he sees the Sodalis Legionnaires as his best opportunity.

Spence’s plans for the future are dashed when he encounters the beautiful and mysterious Orie, a fugitive from the Legionnaires. 

Together with Orie, Brenna, and other companions, Spence begins to see the truth behind the Legionnaires and the world around him.  He embarks on a mission to uncover the secrets behind the Great Catastrophe 400 years ago, learn what really happened to his family, and find his own strength to save an entire world.