Spence Gale

Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



Solei Gale

Grand Marshal Malke

Captain Arec Vartanian






Between man and machine, there is a linků and that is Copernikus. 

An escaped raccoon from a hidden laboratory, Copernikus was the subject of terrible experiments.  His brain was genetically altered to expand his intelligence, and he gained the ability to communicate verbally.  Electronic apparatus grafted onto his body allow him to interface directly with machinery and computer systems.

During his long confinement, he occasionally found himself merged with a massive computer data storage, where he soaked up knowledge like a sponge.  He used his newly acquired intelligence and natural cleverness to escape his tormentors.

Copernikus suffers from pain associated with his cybernetic implants, and sooths his discomfort with a love of food and an obsession for shiny objects.  His fear of recapture drives him from place to place until he manages to attract the attention of Spence and his allies.

His boundless knowledge of seemingly trivial information, hyperactive sense of humor, and a keen sense of sarcasm soon endear him to his new companions.

Among them, Copernikus hopes to find a new home and finally... belong.