Spence Gale

Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



Solei Gale

Grand Marshal Malke

Captain Arec Vartanian






The younger sister of Spence, Solei Gale was a quiet, beautiful child.  The shock-white hair she shared with her brother helped mark her as “different” to a superstitious community, but it was her talents that isolated her from nearly everyone but her immediate family. 

Her parents and brother learned very early on that Solei could see past the eyes and into the heart of anyone she encountered.  Almost as soon as she could speak, she claimed to know many things that had not yet come to pass.  Fearless, open, and painfully honest, Solei became regarded as a child to be avoided by the other children in their town. 

When their mother was murdered by a forest predator, Spence found himself in the role as protector and playmate to a heartbroken child.  Soon, no one could claim to be closer to Solei than Spence.

She was nine when Spence lost both Solei and their father in a tragedy that would drive him far away from his home. 

Solei's role in this story, however, is not yet over.