Spence Gale

Orie Strand XVII

Brenna Jax



Solei Gale

Grand Marshal Malke

Captain Arec Vartanian






Orie is a mysterious runaway, beautiful and innocent of the world around her. 

The Sodalis Legionnaires are fanatic about recovering her for unknown reasons, and her cryptic answers only serve to put Spence and friends in constant danger while protecting her. 


Orie is insatiably curious about people, places, and things, while exuding an almost supernatural compassion and kindness.   She possesses basic skills in combat healing, part of her “training” at the hands of her former guardian.

Orie Strand XVII is rumored to be the god-daughter of Grand Marshal Malke, the military leader over the Sodalis Legionnaires, mastermind of Unification, and would-be ruler of the world.  Orie has fled from his sheltered care, and seeks to find members of her family somewhere to the south.

Thanks to Orie, Spence is unable to pursue his career in the Sodalis Legionnaires, but through her, finds an even greater purpose than he could ever have imagined.